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Latest News:The company always seeks to alleviate the suffering of the buyers of the agricultural land who laggards to pay the dues to the company, by opening a fixed-term for an exemption from the proportion of penalties, its latest was the period granted by a decision of the Board of Directors in its meeting number 653 held on 26/07/2010 to extend the period granted till 31/07/2010.
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On 22/9/1934, the Royal Decree was issued with the foundation of the Egyptian Company for areas of land & buildings (an Egyptian joint stock company) with a capital of ten thousand pounds.  


 تعلن شركة المعمورة للتعمير والتنمية السياحية بالتعاون مع بنك التعمير والاسكان عن بيع 50 شقة سكنية , عدد 10 فيلات نصف تشطيب (مساحات من 167 متر مربع , 271 متر مربع تقريبا ) بمدينة 6 اكتوبر
المنطقة العمرانية الاولى (المرحلة الثانية ب)

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Growth & development of societies depend on successful investment in all fields. The success of the United States, England, Japan & other European & Asian countries was due to their economic dependence on the success of their investment projects, and the main reason for this success is the reliance on the effective management of those projects.  

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